Wednesday, December 01, 2004


A close ex-coworker of mine flew to Sao Paulo in Brazil a few days ago without notice. You know he is the very man that went to a Turkish restaurant in Itaewon with me almost 2 weeks ago. We celebrated the event that he just got out of his unemployed life. And finally he advanced into the new world Brazil, the opposite side of Korea.

Of course I have no idea of what exactly he's gonna do there and how long he plans to stay there for. Because, as mentioned above, he's never told me about his business trip to Sao Paulo. And I got to know of his trip thru an entry of his blog.

He added in his blog that he will give a presentation regarding KMS(Knowledge Management System) and, afterwards, stop by HOOTERS I'm interested in around there.

"Hey, Rbaht! Do you hear me?
Anyhow, in the depression of Korean economy,
I hope that you earn lots of US$ there, post funny and weird stories about Sao Paulo in your blog, and buy me a good souvenir."


rbaht said...

hey Johnkey but no donkey!
I notice you manipulatively reveal what you really want in last paragraph : buy me a good souvenir". *evil grin*

hehehe Okay I'll buy u one. okay time to off to HoTel now. take care!

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