Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Animation Magazine

I met with Jean, president of Animation Magazine last week when she participated in BCWW. One of my friends, Amber referred her to me so that she may meet a proper person who can help her to publish the Korean edition of Animation Magazine. Anyhow, thanks a million, Amber!

Actually I don't like animation stuff too much except in my childhood. Why? Well, since almost 30 years ago, I've seen a lot of animation movies produced by Hollywood like "The Lion King", "The Little Mermaid" and the like. I know the animation movies are almost perfect and fantastic in terms of their storylines and cutting edge techniques. However, I doubt whether there would be intentionally hidden messages like pro-Capitalism, pro-Americanism and pro-Neo Conservatism in their movies. Plus, I easily feel bored as soon as I start to watch one. I suppose I already got adapted to Hollywood styles and I ended up failing to find out anything intriguing from it.

Back to my work!

Then We talked a lot about how to publish the Korean edition of it. Yet we couldn't find any good solution to do that. In the depression of Korean economy, nobody wants to invest into any risky projects. I emphasized that we would have to find a proper publishing house at first. Alas, it seemed to me that she didn't completely agree with me and she got an interest in how to translate, audit and distribute her future Korean magazines. Okay, I already realized how much different two cultures are. Accordingly one of my work is to be a bridge between two.

A tip:
You should know that, if you want to penetrate your product or service into a Korean market, don't regard it an easy job.

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