Saturday, January 01, 2005

A cute chicken says "Happy New Year 2005"

If anybody asked me, "How's your day going?"
I would say, "I'm too busy for now."

Since 3 weeks ago, I've felt I should replicate me due to a bunch of work to do by myself. I couldn't recognize when 2004 Christmas left from my town. How sad it was!

A few people like Rbaht suspect what the hell bugged me. OK! I'm gonna tell you what I've done by now. Firstly, I signed up a contract with a new client regarding implementing a marketing project. As soon as I did, I posted a "Help Wanted" notice on the Internet to find great, smart employees for the marketing project and interviewed some candidates for research associates. In the meantime, I several times met the client to have a grasp of his problems and compelling needs. Of course, after every meeting, I drew up terribly thick proposals.

Take 5!! Secondly, I designed a simple system for managing research materials and outsourced the development of the system. You know it's a big deal so I had to work even on Sundays.

Lastly, I discussed and studied with newly employees regarding what to research, how to manage data they'll find and what to extract from the data in order to analyze.

Hey Rbaht! How is my Brazilian coffee? Don't worry. I'll get it soon.

Everybody, "Happy New Year!"

thanks beastgood

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