Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Marcello in Tokyo

When I travelled in New York City in 2003, I met an Aussie in a guest house. It's sure that he has an awesome personality. Also, he can play a Brazilian musical instrument that looks so weird. During my staying there, we talked about our journeys and future plans. (Hey! I'm straight!) He told me that he would go to Tokyo to meet his girl friend.

Oh~ he's living in Tokyo with that girl.
Here's an email from him 'Marcello'.

Hi there everyone,

Well, the weather is getting better here in Tokyo. It is sunny, and almost warm over here. This weekend thousands of people flocked to the park at the end of our street to view the Sakura - Cherry Blossoms. These parties are called Hanami, or Cherry Blossom viewing parties, and they take place all over Japan when the trees are blooming. The Japanese come in groups of friends, work groups, or as families, bringing with them copious amounts of beer and sake, and basicaly do lots of funny dances, drink and eat a lot, and have a good time.

Yesterday I went by myself to the Tokyo International Anime Fair at the Tokyo Big Sight convention centre. Of course there were plenty of pretty Japanese promo-girls dressed as the latest popular manga and anime cartoon characters handing out flyers and stickers. There were also performances from some popular J-pop stars, and some cool dances from a bunch of people dressed up like the family from the Doraemon cartoon series.

Although it wasnt all fun and glitter. I woke up that morning feeling a little strange, with a not-so-happy tummy. I got the train with Kinu to Shinjuku station, where we departed our train from Kichijoji station to make it to the connecting train. I rushed to the mens toilet, waited for a vacancy, then jumped onto the Japanese style toilet - see "ceramic hole in the ground, with pole in the wall to keep you from falling in"! What came out of my body, squating over that hole, for the next 5 minutes must have come straight from hell, and I dont want to go into too much detail. Any way, feeling a little better, I waved goodbye to Kinu as she made her way to work, then got on the train to Tokyo Big Sight. Upon arriving at my final station, I got off the train, only to get that salty taste in my mouth, you know the one, the one I get a few seconds before I inevitably spew forth the contents of my stomach for all of Tokyo to see!!! I dont know how I did it, but I managed to join the not-so exclusive club of Japanese/nonJapanese men that have vommited on the Tokyo train tracks, without too many innocent bystanders!!!

Anyway, the rest of the day was followed by intermitant recurrances of the brown variety, from both holes. It took me 3 hours to get back home, I got stuck at one station, making about 6 trips back and forth to the toilet, and filled up a plastic bag with vommit on an unsuccesful rush back to the mens room.

I got home, jumped into our ofuro - J-style bathtub, and let the day soak away. having cleansed the demons from my body, I went to sleep in our futon, and waited for Kinu to get home from work...

So anyway, my O-Day for Nova is April 5th, then I start teaching English for them. In the meantime, I have applied for a couple of other part time jobs that start this week.

In other news, I have been teachnig myself Japanese, using a few helpful text books. I now have a J-mobile phone, of couse, it has a digital camera built in.

Soon I will be buying myself a PC, and then updating a website of my adventures.... stay tuned.

FYI: I am currently in Tokyo, Japan. I am living in a small apartment in a nice area of the metropolis that is Tokyo. I am sharing the apartment with my J-girlfriend, Kinu. Her mum and dad live about 7 minutes walk from our place. There is a beautiful park about 4 minutes walk from our apartment. It is filled with Cherry Blossom trees, and has a mystical shrine and small Zoo at one end, in the middle of a magical pond. I have a 6 month Working Holiday Visa, but I plan to extend that to a full-time sponsored Visa.

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