Tuesday, September 07, 2004

A Korean teacher as a volunteer

Last Saturday I visited GOA'L office located in Seoul.
GOA'L means "Global Oversees Adoptees' Link" founded by 12 oversees Korean adoptees in 1998.

Why did I visit there by the way?
'Cause I'm a really good person. right?

There are some people (Oversees Korean Adoptees) who want to learn Korean in order to communicate with their real parents without any help. You know they left for new countries such as the US, France, Denmark and the like with their foster parents when they were a child or a baby. So they now can't speak 'Korean' any more. They need a Korean teacher or an interpreter.

You know my Korean ability is good enough to teach someone. I think I must share my ability with others.

Hm, I'm waiting for my student. To be honest, I'm afraid of teaching Korean. Because I've already realized teaching Korean and Speaking Korean are quite different.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, you are a real cool person! I am sure that your effort will pay off someday! Go ahead~