Saturday, June 18, 2005

What the f*ck!!

Today I'm extremely upset with a company that I've helped to plan a marketing campaign and advised on how to penetrate a market. I tried to call a marketer of the company several times, but he didn't answer at all.

It is last week that he told me that we would sign a contract soon and he asked me about lots of questions related to "its marketing strategies". At that time, I thought that we would sign a contract soon so it was natural for me to accept his request.

That sucks!
Late at night, a staff of the company, who has just been in charge of its marketing department, called me and she started to explain it won't sign a contract with me and it doesn't need my business advises any longer.

Oh dear!
I have never received a retainer from it although I wasted more than 50 hours on helping it.
Hehe, I hope it goes bankrupt!

Hey, guys!
Let me know how to take revenge on it.

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