Tuesday, January 25, 2005

7 Lucky tips for happiness

There has been a pile of work on my desk since 3 months. And I feel I'm suffocated by that. Of course my biz-partner does.

I already perceived the truth that money isn't happiness and success isn't happiness. Still, I don't know how to control my real life such as getting up early, going to bed early and eating regularly.

Some people seem to be born lucky. What's their secret? The British magazine Focus(August 2004) provides seven handy tips for those seeking better luck in their lives:

1. Build a strong network of people who can open new doors for you. You can easily meet new people by doing things like regularly chatting with people you don't know well.

2. Try to relax physically and mentally so you're more open to happiness and pleasant experiences. Simple relaxation exercises can help. For example, breathe deeply in and out and imagine you're in a peaceful place.

3. Strengthen your intuition through meditation.

4. Learn to expect happiness. Start your day with a positive thought like "I deserve happiness and today, too, my destiny will be with me."

5. Always strive towards particular goals, even if the chance of success is small.

6. If something unfortunate happens, try to focus on the positive. Console yourself by imagining how much worse it could have been. Ask yourself the question: is this really so important?

7. When times turn tough, distract yourself by going to the gym or a movie, meeting up with friends or listening to music.

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