Sunday, November 07, 2004

Correlation between IQ and US Presidential Election

Though I'm off-duty today, I went to my workplace because I would meet with Shawn in front of a KFC of COEX Mall which is adjacent to my workplace.

And after that event, I was just stuck in my workplace. I happened to see my ex-superviser on the friends' list of MSN Messenger. I started sending greeting to him in Vancouver. He said he was even working at midnight thanks to co-working with a client based in Beijing. He's from Birmingham, England and he can speak Chinese a little, I suppose. We naturally began to talk about the result of US Election 2004. He said 'Bush won', I said 'So sad! Who did you support? Kerry?', he said 'I guess', I said 'Even if I have no vote for the US Election, I supported Kerry by using a remote ZEN control in Korea', he said 'haha, check out this site'.

That site is about 'IQ and Politics'. It's funny and logical. Hey just check out your IQ. It's clear that my IQ is more than 100 because of supporting Kerry, right?

StateAvg. IQ 2004
1Connecticut113 Kerry
2 Massachusetts111Kerry
3New Jersey111Kerry
4New York109 Kerry
5 Rhode Island107Kerry
7Maryland105 Kerry
8 New Hampshire105Kerry
10Delaware103 Kerry
11 Minnesota102Kerry
13Washington102 Kerry
14 California101Kerry
16Maine 100Kerry
17 Virginia100Bush
19Colorado99 Bush
20 Iowa99Bush
22Nevada99 Bush
23Ohio 99Bush
26Florida 98Bush
27 Missouri98Bush
29Nebraska95 Bush
30 Arizona94Bush
32Tennessee94 Bush
33 North Carolina93Bush
34West Virginia93Bush
35Arkansas 92Bush
36 Georgia92Bush
38New Mexico92 Bush
39 North Dakota92Bush
41Alabama90 Bush
42 Louisiana90Bush
44Oklahoma90 Bush
45South Dakota90Bush
46South Carolina89Bush
47Wyoming89 Bush
48Idaho 87Bush
50Mississippi85 Bush

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